Soduim Nitrophenolate 1.8%AS

As plant growth regulator. This product is a plant cell revivingagent .It can quicklypenetrate through the plant body, promote the flowing of protoplasm in cells, quickthe speed of plant rooting and has different action of promoting plant rooting,growth, reproduction and fruit-setting. It also used to promote plant growth, makeflower early, break the dormancy of seeds, promote seed germination, stop theshedding of flower and fruit , improve the quality of fruit, etc.
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Chemistry Identity
CAS NO. : 67233-85-6,824-39-5,824-78-2

Molecular Structure 

Common name:
Keep in cool and dry place, for 2 years.
 As plant growth regulator. This product is a plant cell reviving-agent .It can quickly
penetrate through the plant body, promote the flowing of protoplasm in cells, quick
the speed of plant rooting and has different action of promoting plant rooting,
growth, reproduction and fruit-setting. It also used to promote plant growth, make
flower early, break the dormancy of seeds, promote seed germination, stop the
shedding of flower and fruit , improve the quality of fruit, etc.
4: It can increase the utilization ratio of the fertilizer greatly and resolve the fertilizer-annoyed symptoms effectively. 
5: Compound with Germicide Pesticide Herbicide 
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